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About Us

Gielini was founded by Dr. Živilė Glaveckaitė. Gielini brand focuses on helping growth in companies, making them innovative and efficient.

Gielini brand belongs to Bielini (limited company), which is headquartered in Vilnius and operating in London.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Živile Glaveckaitė

Dr. Živilė has much experience in hospitality, health & wellness, media & technology and consumer research. She uses this experience successfully by understanding market needs and upcoming business challenges, translating a vision into action for her clients. Dr. Živilė has won the WGT’18 / Woman Go Tech’18 award, also recognised as one of the “100 Lithuanian women” for her talent, leadership, professional abilities and personal achievements.

Helps companies to design and develop new products or modify existing ones.

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English and Russian. Her mother tongue is Lithuanian.


Running, mountain and water sports, boating and fishing enthusiast.


Visionary Leadership, Analytical


Vilnius University with a degree in business management and defended her thesis in the field of startup development (Research field: Early stage startups: critical success factors perspective), received a Ph.D. degree. She interned at universities in Switzerland and South Korea. Currently studying health sciences.


Mantas Zalatorius

Mantas has extensive cross-cultural leadership and strategic advisory experience. He has worked with the largest Nordic firms, assisting them to enter and expand in the Baltics and Eastern Europe by establishing new or acquiring existing companies within ICT, energy, media, finance and defence industries. Mr. Zalatorius is awarded with Swedish Royal Order of Polar Star, Knight 1st Class (KNOR1K).

He helps companies with Strategy and Business Development in the Nordic States.

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English, Swedish and Russian. His mother tongue is Lithuanian.


Sailing, reading.


Strategic Leadership


Graduated from Vilnius University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2001 he obtained MBA degree from Copenhagen Business School and INSEAD (CALT).


Inga Talente

Inga Talente has an exceptional network of high-end individuals. With her impressive track record in the real estate industry, across multiple countries like Spain, Lithuania, the UAE, Switzerland, and England, Inga has established invaluable connections within the international real estate market and interior design.

Inga has impeccable negotiation and leadership skills honed through running her own companies and executing complex deals. Lived in various countries.

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English, French and Russian. Her mother tongue is Lithuanian.


Yoga, hiking, pilates, walking.


Negotiation, Sales


Business administration in American University of Dubai (AUD). SDA Bocconi General management program. Various courses in health and nutrition.


Linas Klimavičius

Linas has more than 25 years of experience helping businesses cross international divides. His client base spans Europe, Aisa and the Americas. Linas is particularly well versed in the US market and possess an abundance of knowledge when it comes to brand building, localizing, supply chains, 3PL solutions, traditional and ecommerce sales channels and market entry strategies.

If North America is your target market, Linas and his team can offer valuable guidance as well as hands-on involvement in your market entry and sales growth strategy.

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English, Lithuanian, Russian. His mother tongue is Lithuanian.


Triathlon, Ironman, Rotary.


Serial entrepreneurship


Graduated from Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio with degrees in Political Science and International Relations. Earned a business strategy certification from Harvard Business School.

Damulis Augustinas
Financial Analyst

Augustinas Damulis

Augustinas has over three years of experience in financial analysis and M&A at a Big 4 firm. He specialized in financial due diligence and valuation projects spanning various industries, including e-commerce, gas and electricity, telecommunications, manufacturing, and more.

Currently, Augustinas is actively involved in shaping commercial strategies at a leading cybersecurity firm.

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English. His mother tongue is Lithuanian.


During the summer, Augustinas enjoys cycling and various water sports, while in the winter, he's an avid snowboarder.


Analytical, Problem-solving


Augustinas holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics from the University of Manchester, complemented by a Master's in Management from Imperial College London.

How we work

We deliver an action and fully execute it.

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Advisor Services

Customizing appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. Helping you execute your products and services.

Business Model

Helping businesses generate and organize perspective & innovative business model scenarios. Analyzing the external factors that influence your business model as market forces, industry forces, key trends, macroeconomic forces, etc.

Business Analysis

Gaining a deeper understanding of stakeholder requirements and formulating solutions that are tailor-made to meet them. We looking into the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of business analysis.

Business for Sale

Preparing business exit strategy. Defining company exit strategy and then working backwards to ensure your business is always sale and investment-ready. Setting a strategic road map, increasing business value, and maximising the opportunity.

Business Coaching

Helping leaders reach greater heights of success. Empower them to become the leaders they aspire to be. Transform struggling teams into productivity powerhouses.

Business Consultancy

Helping companies adapt to today’s market dynamics and continue to compete no matter the threats they might be facing to support change efforts ranging from tactical improvements to large-scale transformation efforts.

Fiduciary Duty for Business Owners

Making decisions and acting in the best interests of the other party, means that we put their own interests aside and act in the best interests of the other person.


Helping your organization connect and engage your donors.

Guest Journey

Identifying the key stages of the chosen customer journey. Mapping out the customer journey (or stage) touchpoints. Focusing on the key touchpoints that are most important to the customer


Managing the process of entering new markets by conducting research, understanding their preferences and demand, identifying existing competitors, and determining costs and prices associated with exporting.

Internal Audit

Taking care of your accounting and handling all tasks in your financial function. Ensuring that core business processes become more effective and efficient, including taking cost reduction opportunities and improving the delivery of quality goods and services.

Innovative Product

Translating insights into action-based insights for the client, designing customer experience cycle, developing solution concepts, and generating innovations. Successfully leveraging design thinking principles for running innovation sprints.


Managing all aspects of hotel operations, and running a hotel smoothly, all the while ensuring both owners and guests are happy. Focusing on financial turnarounds and operating as for-profit entities. The main indicator is EBITDA.

Private Happiness Sessions

Dr. Zivile also works as a couch with unique tools and techniques to foster self-awareness, resilience, and a positive mindset.  She helps individuals navigate the labyrinth of their emotions, thoughts, and actions.The main aim is to be happy and make those around them happy.


The team at Gielini has extensive experience in the following sectors:

Real Estate
Retail & Wholesale Trade
Healthiness & Hospitality
Food services
Human Health

Our clients love working with us!

Dr. Zivile with a strong analytical mindset to see not only the "big picture" now, but also opportunities within the foreseeable future. Her analytical mindset and consultation set the practical understanding of proving valid business models. She catches all trends and is excellent at networking.

Victor G Gruodis

Founder of OMNITEL

Zivile is a go-getter who has always impressed me with her non-stop energy, creativity and business acumen. She can manage multiple topics and challenges at once, whilst making sure focus remains on the most important aspects of the business.

Ieva Dvilinskiene

Cofounder, Chief Growth Office at FlowSpace

What impresses me most about Zivile's advice is her innovation and optimism. Seeing and conveying the big picture, understanding the business aspects, and more importantly, believing in what you do. She is impressed by the way she sees the business and follows the latest news and trends.

Rimantas Šimkevičius

CEO at Royal Hotel SPA

Živile’s calculated positivity and ability to expand my mind for wider opportunies, are immesurable. Every time, she walks me through the process - from an idea till completion of the goal being set, which is an immense value in such a creative (and poetic) industry like spiritualy, yoga and enterpreneurship.
Besides the professionalism, I truly appreciate her heartwelcoming capacity to tune into my creative desires and elevate the projects that matters to me most.

Milana Jašinskytė

Founder of Vocational Education Company 'With love, Milana'